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Sunday, February 15, 2009


2,3 年 前 に HINDIごと日本語は似ていると思いました。
今 TAMILごも見本語に違いないと考える。

Two three years ago I thought that Hindi and Japanese are similar।
From last year I have continued my learning Japanese।
Now I feel that Tamil also is not very different from Japanese।
Are the patterns「Word order」、grammar etc. of Indian languages mostly similar to that of Japanese?

Don't know it all now but the idea seems interesting.......


  1. One of my Korean friend said two years back that he found a lot of similarity between Tamil words and Korean words. He kept emailing me to find out why there is such a similarity. Have your read Tom Trautmann's Aryans and British India and another book Languages and Nations: The Dravidian Proof in Colonial Madras?
    Both are fascinating.

  2. thanx Rajesh for the comment and suggestions.......

    unfortunately, saw this comment only today...nw hav activated the comment moderating thing and it helps me see the comments on the mail hope dont miss such imp commnts in future!

    thanks again! and ya there r similarities frm watever little i have read n known...