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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sorry for being selfish...

Most of my time goes waste managing my own thoughts, tensions, anxiety and other such emotions. When I listen to a story or a narration, I think over it or say listen to it like I was the main next time please tell me, that's your story and I need to listen to it putting myself in your shoes...can't assure you of my selflessness even then..

So self-conscious I have been. Is that the root cause of this state. But what if I had not been self-conscious. Would that have been logical for people...

Will anybody believe me if I said I'm tensed because someone else is in a problem, who is not my relative, friend.... a complete stranger... Suppose I take the burden of someone else's work and do it and... forget mine, will that be appreciated by anybody [at least by the recipient of this help] ?

Won't you doubt my intentions if I did something like that for you? When the whole world struggles to live by oneself....what force do you think will drive me to work other than my self's worldliness?

Ah! not being wordly also needs a constant urge to self-enlightenment...I claim not any knowledge on this phenomenon though!

But like normal humans, if people like us don't interfere much in your work, you should be thankful... I know the danger of not looking at anything other than I but haven't I come this far to acknowledge the other's presence no matter if only with respect to self...

Let me admit! I am selfish. That makes my life easier. Less expectations... more concentration...

Anywez... how does my being so matter to anybody else... aren't you and others also very instinctively the same??

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My introduction to madhubani painting

Last time I went home, I happened to meet my mom’s Madhubani painting teacher. Learning this painting was a new exciting development for maa… she has been learning and doing other kinds of paintings n other forms of art that are pretty common at personal, domestic level.
Her teacher seems to be struggling to earn her living, however knowledge of this art form fetches us some benefits. My mother met her in an ethnic art mela at my place.

Earlier, this painting has been done with a straw n not a brush. These days inkpen nib is used. Also, the natural colours have been replaced by fevicryl paints. This nib is fixed in the body of a painting brush for ready use. The idea or say the chanllenge or speciality of this painting is that only lines are drawn and it makes up to a whole figure.

Instead of filling up the outlines with colors, further smaller strokes

are used to fill them up. These strokes can be like curves, can be horizontal, vertical and as symmetrical they and the gaps between them are

better they are considered to be.

It becomes difficult as complex the picture gets. Look at the design of the dress of the girl and the bangles in the picture below.

And The scales of fish in the has lot of overlapping lines...which
needs to look neat and needs lot of practice.

Haven't tried any such strokes myself but have only begun to understand this painting which though belongs to our part of country and receives acclaims worldwide.... but we ourselves don't do much to encourage it's healthy survival.