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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Luv you Lucky

These days Mohit Chauhan is the voice of allthe popular hits like Rock on.... n New York 'tu ne jo na kaha'. Don't know how to connect but his voice n style reminds me of you Lucky.I remember of having heard you last was only in a kind of not so popular Ahista Ahista from a Ranbir Kapoor's flick. But I also remember huge, great articles on you in TOI Sunday Life magazine.... I associated the sweet dulcet sound adjective only to your voice ans songs since then. It shows still a big fan of yours da.........But I have a feeling these dez the place [n not a peak] that you had created for yourself is taken over by some new entries in a very natural yet unusual way...

I like them all but miss your music. I kno the music industry also goes on the formula of main pal do pal ka shayar hoon. But your fans still look forward to your swan song yaar. I am sure you haven't given your the best and can still put up a fight and show your metal. Waiting for the lucky shine all over again.......

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nilekani Vs Laloo

The Infosys guy quits the company job to start this mega project to give us all Indians a unique ID. Laloo is still in politics just because some unexplainable snags of our election rules where same guy can contest from two places. Well it acted like a savior for Laloo.
A newspaper quotes Nilekani where he jokingly says he lost his identity…….And Laloo sounds helpless having lost Railway Ministry to Mamata. At least she has goals to reach…. Like get the Bengal’s CM’s kursi.
Laloo complains of things not being the same and not going good… Well! For 15 yrs things were going gr8 in a state that almost had a state of anarchy.
We don’t even exactly know the motivations of Nilekani having taken this ID business with govt….But it seems to work against the menace of false identity.
Who would you like to read about - the RJD supremo who only brought glory to himself through hilarious catchy statements or the guy who made his deeds speak for himself so far?

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Movie Experience……

This movie was left unseen in the downloads, asusual waiting for a train journey. But it happened so, it was long forgotten as well. Luckily, today I watched it in train and co-passengers in my compartment seemed to be interested in watching a must watch but a very unpopular movie.

‘Ramchand Pakistani’ claims to be talking about a true story of an innocent kid and his father from Pakistan who are taken as prisoner by Indian Army just for crossing the border. As the disclaimer said, the characters were sketched with an unbeatable honesty. With every scene I feared if a difficult-to watch gory or violent thingie would crop up. But the ‘respect for the truth’ of the filmmaker made it least sensational and the most impactful story. It triggered a lot of questions and curiosity about border issues in the minds of the viewers through the movie and left us with a positive end but a senti feeling.

Hats off to Nandita Das , I respect her professional work. Reminds me of an idea in Bhagvad Gita which says such devoted tasks turn out to be inspirational for all others who even passively get to know it.

मेरी ब्रैंड

भई ! मैं तो मैं हूँ ।

यूनिवर्सिटी, कंपनी, राज्य, ठिकाना ...... इन सब का ठप्पा मुझ पर भी लगा है औरों सा। मगर फिर भी "कुछ" है चाहे न्यूनतम प्रतिशत ही सही, जो अकेली मेरी अपनी है । इसे शायद व्यक्तित्व या इन्डिविजुऐलिटी कहते हैं । हलाँकि ये भी निरंतर बदलती रहती है पर मेरी पहचान कायम रखती है।

मैं इसकी सिंचाई और मरम्मत पर मेहनत करूँ ये ज्यादा ज़रूरी जान पड़ता है। मियाँ , कौन जाने ये बाहरी स्टांप कितना बदल जाए और कब मेरी 'मैं ' पर हावी हो जाए।

ऐसी अजीबोगरीब ब्रैंड के सभी मालिक हैं । अद्भुत है ये संरचना जो कई बरसों तक हमारी नज़र से परे मशक्कत करती है। इज्ज़त करती हूँ ऐसी सभी जानी-अनजानी ब्रांडों की और आरजू है की मेरे हिस्से की तवज्जो मुझे भी
बख्शी जाती है ।