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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nilekani Vs Laloo

The Infosys guy quits the company job to start this mega project to give us all Indians a unique ID. Laloo is still in politics just because some unexplainable snags of our election rules where same guy can contest from two places. Well it acted like a savior for Laloo.
A newspaper quotes Nilekani where he jokingly says he lost his identity…….And Laloo sounds helpless having lost Railway Ministry to Mamata. At least she has goals to reach…. Like get the Bengal’s CM’s kursi.
Laloo complains of things not being the same and not going good… Well! For 15 yrs things were going gr8 in a state that almost had a state of anarchy.
We don’t even exactly know the motivations of Nilekani having taken this ID business with govt….But it seems to work against the menace of false identity.
Who would you like to read about - the RJD supremo who only brought glory to himself through hilarious catchy statements or the guy who made his deeds speak for himself so far?


  1. Firstly, what made you think of comparing the two?
    and initially I was wondering what really was the reason for Nilekani to get into the cause of unique id for all. But it definitely was more than a cabinet rank and invitation by the Prime Minister. He would better use his capabilities in serving the nation to provide a unque id to every single person in this country with a population higher than 1 billion. Now that requires an enormous amount of work. I would love to know how they plan to sequence it. WOW.

    And abt dear old Laloo... the less said the better. So I shall leave it at that not undermining his good work.

  2. ya! i just was tired of Laloo cmng in news inspite of.....n fr nothng!

    wanted 2 read more about nilekani.... dats hw i hapend 2 link these 2 people