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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

me, Kash & Cruise

This is the name of the play I saw last Saturday. The major crowd-puller for this group would have been Rajit Kapoor but cheers goes to the young actors who actually represented the youth of Mumbai. How coming from two different social class and three religious beliefs, a theater group of three friends , who are actually kinda representatives of three ways of living, begin to act together in college and stick to each other in spite of great differences and fights (including a small angle of love triangle).

Apt use of sound and light esp. doing justice to the with a major challenge to showcase the '93 riots. Humorous but firm dialogues of the characters. Mixing of other languages in an English play had done wonders. 'coz we cannot get the feel of a hawaldar talking in anything but local Marathi and a Muslim Delhiite bringing in Panjabi and Hindi-Urdu. But the actor who played 'Puja Thomas' was just purrr-fect!! She could be a young college girl and a sulking high class woman who finally needed psychiatric help representing that Mumbai that has been quoted to be soooooo very resilient but weak at the core.Other two boys Ajit and Neil were awesome in the characters of 'typical brother in bollywood' and 'intellectual killer of theater' Rajit Kapoor's changing appearences and roles were a great bonus to the viewers.

But man! the commercial clutter sucked the charm!! :(( slide shows of loooong videos one after the other at the beginning and after interval were really really not welcome! And no leaflet to give u a glimpse of the play, its story, actors etc. On top of it, the commendable writer, producer of the play actually bored us a bit at the time of intro of the makers and actors of the play.

Have heard there is another Rajit Kapoor play coming up in the first weekend of March! Hope to make it to that too...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another failure!

No...really no clue how am I going to deal with this second failure in 2kyuu exam. Not only it has been a waste [in a way] of the investment of time and attention to it but comes with it also the feeling of failure that shrouds my spirits. I am really not well at dealing with the process of taking the same exam again and again and not clearing it. It will have some affect on my mainstream struggle for research too.

The dark clouds....please spare my being!!

Let me try and check what have I lost!
Nothing really but confidence...
But how can I not build it up I have any other options..
Oh! shame it has been on me to have not cleared it the second time.

Gosh! the pattern n level concept has changed too from this such case I must attend the classes again with the same teachers. They will be so disappointed with me. They and I together felt Level 2 would be realizable for me. But, alas! it has come to this that I should and I must clear it this time...leaving no stone unturned.

Dear God! Give me light! I know you have done so always... and the light has always been there. Thanks for being there with us forever. Lemme take the only another chance and enliven up my spirits and give enough confidence to myself by doing it asap!

Well! it's not like pressing a button and getting the thing required. I need proper planning and true dedication to deserve to definitely clear it this time!

May God be with us all!

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail" --- got this quote when I was looking for an image for failure to paste it here. The quote says it all!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Violence in Speech

Well! this is influenced by the last Douglas Allen's lecture on Hind Swaraj, Gandhi and its relevance today. It isn't something new but we seem to forget very often that the likes of hitting, scratching, burning, bombing, shooting only do not classify as violence. Shouting, grumbling, frowning and for that matter silence too my friends can be so very violent. We all know this somewhere. Yet we think we didn't have a better option or choose it as an option that gives quicker results.

To illustrate the point lets notice how we try to ignore the beggars. Of course, it is useless to give alms 2 each one of them or even manage with there running around ur vehicle at the traffic signals. At the workplace, one can't help not hating a few people. How about noticing our behaviour towards them..... hihihihihi Number of such instances occur throughout the day when we aither become or make people around us victim of our violent speech.

Now, just being polite doesn't help much either. People and their minds are very smart to understand things that are unspoken yet meant. Thats how sometimes rude replies are preferred to the indirect polite ones.

Oh my my! The only way not to be violent is to be peaceful...
Lets watch out our speech!