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Friday, February 12, 2010

Violence in Speech

Well! this is influenced by the last Douglas Allen's lecture on Hind Swaraj, Gandhi and its relevance today. It isn't something new but we seem to forget very often that the likes of hitting, scratching, burning, bombing, shooting only do not classify as violence. Shouting, grumbling, frowning and for that matter silence too my friends can be so very violent. We all know this somewhere. Yet we think we didn't have a better option or choose it as an option that gives quicker results.

To illustrate the point lets notice how we try to ignore the beggars. Of course, it is useless to give alms 2 each one of them or even manage with there running around ur vehicle at the traffic signals. At the workplace, one can't help not hating a few people. How about noticing our behaviour towards them..... hihihihihi Number of such instances occur throughout the day when we aither become or make people around us victim of our violent speech.

Now, just being polite doesn't help much either. People and their minds are very smart to understand things that are unspoken yet meant. Thats how sometimes rude replies are preferred to the indirect polite ones.

Oh my my! The only way not to be violent is to be peaceful...
Lets watch out our speech!


  1. Its difficult to position ourselves peaceful and polite throughout and it is relative. What might seem politest in your culture would not pass as polite in mine. I used to initially beleive we should standardize behaviour and realised that wish of mine is a product of modernity.
    Where do we draw a line?

  2. its true.... silence kills at times...

    i'd rather that the other person said something... be it plain display of anger or disaccord.. but many ppl choose to maintain silence as they know thats the best way to hurt the other person.... and they do this habitually too....