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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another failure!

No...really no clue how am I going to deal with this second failure in 2kyuu exam. Not only it has been a waste [in a way] of the investment of time and attention to it but comes with it also the feeling of failure that shrouds my spirits. I am really not well at dealing with the process of taking the same exam again and again and not clearing it. It will have some affect on my mainstream struggle for research too.

The dark clouds....please spare my being!!

Let me try and check what have I lost!
Nothing really but confidence...
But how can I not build it up I have any other options..
Oh! shame it has been on me to have not cleared it the second time.

Gosh! the pattern n level concept has changed too from this such case I must attend the classes again with the same teachers. They will be so disappointed with me. They and I together felt Level 2 would be realizable for me. But, alas! it has come to this that I should and I must clear it this time...leaving no stone unturned.

Dear God! Give me light! I know you have done so always... and the light has always been there. Thanks for being there with us forever. Lemme take the only another chance and enliven up my spirits and give enough confidence to myself by doing it asap!

Well! it's not like pressing a button and getting the thing required. I need proper planning and true dedication to deserve to definitely clear it this time!

May God be with us all!

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail" --- got this quote when I was looking for an image for failure to paste it here. The quote says it all!


  1. Nivi....

    Here is a thought... If this is the lowest moment in your life.. it just cant get any lower isnt it? So put all that you have... and kick as* next time... two times is no issues... how does it matter if they changed the pattern? You failed at this pattern twice! Maybe they are changing pattern so that you can do really really well in the exam.

    Don't sit and brood over it... Since you have already flunked there cannot be worse than this... learn and move on... and just go to ccd spend a little time making yourself happy, and come back put your heart in it...

    Mainstream research actually depends on this exam, because once you clear it you will have the confidence to do it all. Even now the fact that you reading this comment and not studying means you are still stuck with this exam and not doing your research isn't it? So get it out of your system like the gas in your tummy... nice long successful fart and you should be pain free (sorry horrible example to be put up on blogs... but it made you smile :) )

  2. :)) thanks shreeky!!! i'm alredy thinking of the next exam...hope i think n do it!