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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

me, Kash & Cruise

This is the name of the play I saw last Saturday. The major crowd-puller for this group would have been Rajit Kapoor but cheers goes to the young actors who actually represented the youth of Mumbai. How coming from two different social class and three religious beliefs, a theater group of three friends , who are actually kinda representatives of three ways of living, begin to act together in college and stick to each other in spite of great differences and fights (including a small angle of love triangle).

Apt use of sound and light esp. doing justice to the with a major challenge to showcase the '93 riots. Humorous but firm dialogues of the characters. Mixing of other languages in an English play had done wonders. 'coz we cannot get the feel of a hawaldar talking in anything but local Marathi and a Muslim Delhiite bringing in Panjabi and Hindi-Urdu. But the actor who played 'Puja Thomas' was just purrr-fect!! She could be a young college girl and a sulking high class woman who finally needed psychiatric help representing that Mumbai that has been quoted to be soooooo very resilient but weak at the core.Other two boys Ajit and Neil were awesome in the characters of 'typical brother in bollywood' and 'intellectual killer of theater' Rajit Kapoor's changing appearences and roles were a great bonus to the viewers.

But man! the commercial clutter sucked the charm!! :(( slide shows of loooong videos one after the other at the beginning and after interval were really really not welcome! And no leaflet to give u a glimpse of the play, its story, actors etc. On top of it, the commendable writer, producer of the play actually bored us a bit at the time of intro of the makers and actors of the play.

Have heard there is another Rajit Kapoor play coming up in the first weekend of March! Hope to make it to that too...

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