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Sunday, November 8, 2009


S for Simple and Simplicity...Can be used as a Noun and majorly as a quality...
Some call it a missing life...others call it sensitivity..

grim it luks to the gaudy men, soothing it is to the poorsome
no one aims for one where, difficult to attain when done

too much of it may never suffice but lack of it might keep u shunned..
lesser simplified more complex, this is not simplicity that u pretend

it is not a dearth of keeping nor an art of presenting
to gain this state the poor and the rich employ equal working

comes straight from heart that all of us have...with our unique presence
words get warmth, etiquettes turn real..with the recognition of ones quintessence

where wud u stand and put me where in a scale of this simplicity?
worry not! as in or out is at least sure though constant is its relativity...

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