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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No talking allowed!

Fun it is to face the challenge of communicating name of a movie to your partner(s). Yeah! talking about dumbsher arts! If you have tried it and are an expert already in doing this, even then haven't you missed the subtle and great fun of this game called dumbsher arts! Where 'car' can be best conveyed by the action of steering, The use of the knowledge of how your partners can best relate to it is just unbeatable.

It all begins with a tough tough movie name suggested to the victim actor....More abstract the name better it is. Starts with a set of fixed signs decided in the group.. like thumps up/down for language of the film... The real fun begins with guessing of the word, pronouns, adjectives, verbs... no limitation... and the dumbfounded conveyor of the movie name gets a real kick when a similar sounding or meaning word comes from the guessing junta... and rolls of laughter and fun fills the heart of the player when a funny funny term gets guessed...

and the disclosure or right guess of the 'name' gives such a relief..

so much for a 'name' without language.....

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