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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dream ahead of reality, real a bit more than dreams

A topic that z not self-explanatory… what if dreams never become reality? Do they lead us to a better real dream, a more practical dream… or make us strong enough to be cautious while dreaming n dream of only achievable goals and like. The other question z, r d fulfilled dreams still followed with d same rigour? Is reality better than dreams as it makes us realize the actual happiness of fulfillment? Well, the rhetoric part of the question z that we know dreams r not real and once made real they r no more the most sought after notions like ‘dream’. Yet we long long for a dream. Wait n b upset with a long wait to get the dream. Irrespective of whether we get it or not we forget it for different reasons. Yes, even if we don’t get it we do forget it….thinking one has 2 grow in dreaming as well!

Alas! the act of dream z not so limited. It grows with us carrying forward the essence of the last dreams and predominant constant wish.. “Oh! That I got it!” not only this but one also lives with it as if the dream decides your life….. “I possess this viz. ‘such a dream’ so I do stand out from others”. We behave as if we r our dream personalities!!! It sounds complex but doesn’t seem to b so when we daily practice it. A dream can change the way you luk at urself n others too. But what if the external factors ‘you’ is not what you had thought for so long… How very cumbersome!! You need to change ur standards now as it has ditched you.

Today after so many yrs of dreaming n reflecting on it for endless times, I really surprise myself at the kinda dreams I had. May b I wud do the same when I do the introspection after another decade…but the idea z when u r not passionate about a thing it may not seem so precious to you. I attempt 2 cherish d memory of long forgotten dreams coz they tell me the dreams I live with now no more sensible than them. Sounds like a preaching 2 oneself… don’t believe in ur dreams a lot! They may come true n become real. Only then will you realize it was better as a dream. This makes all the difference very evident. Doesn’t this present dream with you call for a better companion in you!

Reminds me of a Hindi movie dialogue where the mom tells her daughter “beti sapne dekho par sapne pure hone ki shart mat rakho”…. Well there d context seems different, the idea z that fulfillment of all the dreams r not under our control. But what I want to tell myself is let the real come at its own pace do not accelerate the gift of a joyful dreaming!

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  1. Hmmmmm.... philosophy???? Well we dream coz of desires so are you preaching like the buddhists that desires are root of all problems and so dont desire and dont dream? Thought provoking thoughts I must say. u r like Aamir khan do saal mein ek picture and me like Ram gopal varma arrey factory hai filmon ki blogs 60 ke upar hey :P jus kiddin gendi