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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Non-native speakers

It’s like endorsing the product which does not belong to you, you belong to it though…… when one learns a foreign language the process is incomplete without delving deep into the language, culture and literature [to some extent] with enough motivation to relish them all. How is it possible then one gains THE proficiency which a community has in the name of mother tongue? Well! That’s difficult to explain….
But yet there are so many people who irrespective of their age show interest in learning a language and enjoy it. There must be some motivation…. The question is why attempt to learn something which will always be attested by somebody who may or may not care to know your language with equal zeal.
The advantage of knowing an extra foreign language may get you a place in public or private sector but this cannot be the only motivation for learning a new language. When one starts with deciding on learning something one also needs to choose why that particular language and not any of the others? Honestly, I do believe a small mole can make you turn to a language and be stuck with it all your life 
And then, going on with – Beginning z sweet, you love it. But gradually the pace seems to fast… you try slogging putting your heart and soul into it! But hey, not all of us have learning language as the only assignment. How depressing it can get… u cannot converse in the language like a dumb student…. While listening your head goes for a toss…. You are famous among your friends fr learning a ‘phoren’ tongue but you know deep down your heart you are miserable….
By the way!! This you z only fr me as it is a conversation with myself…. In the process if one identifies with such experience please don’t take it personally as it’s equally personal experience for me 2 ;)
These days the scenario is very simple… the self is very modest to admit the ignorance of the language that I have spent time with for 4 yrs approx. but the carrying on factor is the heart which has already started enjoying the company and the worldview through this language.
What should be the aim now? A competence that makes a learner capable enough not only to be able to communicate or say express in the language but also to be confident enough to accept that luk this is not your language and everytime it would be a learning experience, which z not actually different from growing in one’s mother tongue.
So, the problem boils down to nothing. Learn! n Enjoy!


  1. Hmm I always loved learning a new language I felt I pick languages soon but to me its not an indepth study of the language its just for my day to day interaction so I dont generally learn languages, I think I acquire them. Urdu I did learn coz I wanted to enjoy the shayaris and ghazals.I am not doing justice to german though but I picked up stuff to survive :), wud want to learn Tamil hope the field work helps

  2. more v happened 2 use a language, better becomes our learning! so gud luck fr Tamil.... I learnt it better when I was working on it, now it's totally non-functional for me.