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Monday, May 25, 2009


Don’t know why humming bird is called so…. Probably this creature enjoys humming more than singing or listening to music. Taking this statement to be totally imaginary and based on no authentic data or theory, the idea of humming solely is the topic of this write up.

Off late I was bored listening to music and working. No the music was not the reason. It was my over-dependence on music to enliven up my spirits all the time and repetition in excess of this practice had such drastic result.

But for good! I have switched over to humming……….

Oh it’s so good! Ur mind can remember them all so well and it’s better than all playlists because it plays exactly the one song you want J

Ya….. and then the memory helped me enjy the music so well. I cud dance, snap, whistle to the tunes…..the nature, the silence or say the ordinary decibels of the day n night did not disturb me at all…

How soothing and refreshing can it be…..Like a Karaoke that only you can hear and the lyrics 2 with the same dulcet sweet voice of the singer…..

One of the amazing capabilities of our brain I guess!!!!


  1. I agree with u after all ur my antakshri partner remember ? Especially if u hum songs which already has hummings its an experience. Naturally ppl wonder why is this female humming everywhere on the walkway and in th bathroom :) its a part of my life tht even when I dnt hum it plays like music player in my mind

  2. ya! n the music player part is the most refreshing fr me!