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Thursday, May 28, 2009

World Knowledge

Don’t know which world are they talking about when they say it’s part of the world knowledge. I wonder if all our worlds are the same. We have seen our own set of the world and dream of our favourite possible world. Of course there can be lots of common entities and concepts existing in these any of such two worlds but they are not exactly same ever. And then, this wonder of the wonders …..something called IMAGINATION rules all our minds. It [imagination] has so far ruled our civilization and no wonder will do so forever.
Then do you think it’s all in the knowledge. Don’t tell me imagination came first and then knowledge. Some critics would call it a mere exaggeration ‘coz how can imagination occur without some already existing knowledge. It’s like one can’t dream of something that one knows not at all.
But… but…there’s the rub! How do you think the knowledge come into existence on it’s own without imagination giving it some food for thought and grounds of growth.
May b they are interdependent! May b it boils down to a chicken and egg problem! Whatever the case be, the substratum of this brewing up off world knowledge seems to have looooooooots of variations. And add to this the difference in the variety of experiences each one of us are exposed to.
If that be the case, how varying can this ‘world knowledge get’!

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  1. It need not be imagination, it could be intuition. I agree intuition comes with knowledge but it could be the other way round too.
    For instance when Srinivasa Ramanujan compiled thousands of results in math and most of them could be proved to be true, he was asked how he had attained knowledge of such high level, he said that God had told him, that he had had an intuition!