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Monday, March 15, 2010

It's special to be social!!

I might have born individual like all animals and have also got to live up to the a social nature of my species....yet something was unnoticed that just clicked this morning.

This morning was special by itself coz I could add the joy of my wee hours exercise and work to it.
Also lived some minutes of music, love and efforts to see the time attentively.

Only when I had 20 min to have my breakfast and reach somewhere in time, it was my turn to learn some physics lesson. A full 1 kg bottle of honey could not be supported by a paper bag.... the handle broke and so did the bottle... The fall of predetermined...only it never occurred to me beforehand.

I was blank as in what to do next. A friend I passed by few seconds ago suggested 'pick it up'. Then on the brain worked, I cleared the bag taking out the honey bathed things... The same friend offered to get me a plastic bag... I replied "I don't have one" though...hihihihihi

It occurred to me and I managed to give her some things to keep in a separate plastic bag. And then, started carrying the dripping bag to the dustbin...n stopped thinking it would b a greater mess....Another set of group of friends asked if they could help me...

Can you take a guess?

I stared and when asked again asked fr a suggestion as in what to do next...

The reply in imperative "Throw it away" did work wonders.

This part settled, I thanked and moved to mess..had anothr friend to talk to at the breakfast table.... and discuss this with other things and then forget about this...

Another dear thing was disturbed in the midst of all his work later.. and had to listen to this story and self-learned 'special social' moral of mine.

The day began well...and is going good!

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  1. Your selection of picture for this post amused me good one both pic and post