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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Competition mania!!!!!

How much do we remain individuals even when we claim to focus on ‘I am what I am’. Actually the ambitions of the youth or of the society per se is fixed and little do we get to ponder over what we really want from our lives. Looking at the situation we long for things and forget to introspect what is that gives us satisfaction or what is it that I really want.
‘Sekai no hitotsu dake no hana’ is a Japanese song that emphasizes that in the world we are all different like flowers gathered in a bucket. And, if the flowers can remain different and happy yet together ,why can’t we as humans do so? Why do we put such a fight to get the top position when all of are No.1 in our own ways.
I remember having asked ‘Balaji Sampath’ if all competitions are bad, actually competition makes us grow, makes us work harder to achieve something……..and I repeatedly think of his awesome answer “There are two kinds of competions. One positive and the other negative. When we compete with others it’s a negative competition whereas competition with oneself in order to each time be better than the last in our efforts, makes us really grow.” I believe this. Just because my friend or my enemy has a better grade, position or belongings, I cannot be motivated for an honest and sincere effort. It would be like leading a life ignoring oneself…..

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