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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well!! Leaving aside the railway expresses, how expressive n express-kinds [fast] should we b in giving our thoughts some words. There are two extreme ends here: one, that lets even the thoughts b suppressed and unknown to oneself while on the other hand every small thought reaches a listener spontaneously. The problems of both are unique but similar….inexpressiveness or say miscommunication.

Silence is not golden always. It can be the perpetrator of a cold war. It communicates lots even without talking and leaves the person on the other side of the communication very skeptical. Is it wise enough to take the risk of urself being interpreted as something different?

Over-expressiveness is equally dangerous. How would a listener judge when you are earnestly expressing something rare if every time you are equally babbling your emotions or thoughts? Not good for the speaker even. If one is used to express everything as a perfectionist what will happen to the situations where all the languages fail in expressing?

Just a combination of two extremes and putting it in one heading ‘moderate expressiveness’ doesn’t work either. Here is the role of a sound presence of minds with the disguise of the normal habit of conversing.

But listen……expressing just happens if you really mean it and the person/people around you know you well. Of course, there are misinterpretations but one can always go back and change one’s words or clarify better when it comes to spoken expressions.

What about written ones? My diaries do not have the perfect language to express my feelings but they have the power to take me back to those lost days….. A formal written document cannot make this happen much in the same way, they are quite fixed and perfect in their words and style though.

The more difficult is still in the pipeline, the one in which you alone are the speaker and the listener at one go. Wondering? Don’t we think and at times talk to ourselves in a language? It doesn’t have the challenge of being exact or even of changing the implications or the idea altogether. It is actually a tough task of playing a double role in a very effective way, effective enough to soothe or direct [or things like that] oneself.

Personally feel if we have a silent listener like nature, this dialogue with oneself sails quite smooth n turns out to b quite fruitful.

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